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Abuse or Spam

BMC Limited in no way condones or tolerates Spam or other forms of abuse on the Internet. We have a detailed policy on abusive behavior, and it is applied rigorously to our customers, in accordance with our service contract.

We respond swiftly to complaints, and will terminate access for any customer who is verified to be engaging in abusive practices. New complaints should be submitted to

Reporting a Problem

To report any incident of abusive practices related to our services or users, please forward the offending message, with full headers included, to Please include any other relevant information, such as the number of copies you have received. Please don't mailbomb us; we are trying our best to be the "good guys" in these situations. Also, threats about filtering, legal action, etc, are not needed in order to ensure that we investigate an incident, so we would appreciate if you keep threats to a minimum.

Thank you for your patience and assistance.