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Adobe ColdFusion 6 thru 2018

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ColdFusion is available for all of our accounts. All new accounts come equipped with ColdFusion 2018, the latest release from Adobe.

Still the fastest way to build and deploy powerful Internet applications, ColdFusion 11 introduces powerful new mobile application integration including security enhancements, html conversion to pdf improved, and easier social media access. Coldfusion opens up a new world of applications beyond the browser.

General ColdFusion Questions

  • What tags are available?
    Most tags are available for your use such as CFFile, CFContent, and CFDirectory. The only tags we restrict are CFExecute and CFRegistry.

  • What if I have a Custom Tag?
    If you have a custom tag, please ask us about it first. We may already have it installed and you would have access to use it. If you have a custom tag that is not installed we will be happy to investigate adding it to the server. We require all documentation with each custom tag request. If the tag in question causes problems on our shared servers we reserve the right to remove it.

  • What is the standard syntax for CFMail?
    CFMail is available to all accounts, the only requirement is that you use an e-mail address from a registered domain in our system. Here is a typical CFMail Example:

    <cfmail to="" from="" subject="CFMail Example">

      E-Mail Text.


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